The live performance for Volume II of More Devotedly will take place February 1st and 2nd. Part of our presentation will be a dance and music piece inspired by answers to three questions about climate change submitted by you!

This performance will skip the facts and figures about climate change—because we all know enough about this crisis to take it seriously—and look at the emotions invoked by those facts and figures. 

Please take a few minutes to answer these questions by recording a voice memo with your phone and then emailing the file to douglas at moredevotedly dot com. If you do, we may be able to use your voice in the audio collage we’re creating for the show. We will keep all names and other identifying information confidential unless you give us permission to do otherwise, but please be aware that anything you record in your answer could end up in the piece. 

Feel free to answer these questions in a way that feels most appropriate to you. You could offer brief stories, concrete ideas, poetic or abstract impressions, or any other way you can think of. What we’re more interested in is your honest answers, uncensored.

Please send your answers to douglas at moredevotedly dot com by November 17th, 2019.

1) How did you feel when you first understood how bad climate change could really be?

2) What are feelings that lead to stasis? What are feelings that lead to action?

3) What needs to happen to start an emotional transformation from stasis to action? Personally? Globally?

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